Gift ideas for the bookworm in your life

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As I write this we are only six weeks away from Christmas (where has this year gone?!) and it's around now that most of us will start thinking about starting our Christmas shopping. We'll all be getting our notebooks out and writing down the list of people we need to buy for and then grabbing our laptops and perusing the interweb in order to find that perfect gift. 

For some people on that list it will be easy. Two clicks and their present will be on its way to you. But there is always at least one person on that list who makes you come a cropper, either because they are so bloody hard to buy for or because you are so dead set on getting them the ultimate perfect present that your search fails you. 

If that pesky person is a book lover then have no fear. I have curated (by which I mean drooled over) a list of gifts that I think are fail safe when it comes to the page turner life. 

Of course all of us will have different budgets in mind so below you will find a selection of presents that will suit a modest budget as well as presents that will have you splashing the cash!

A little treat - gifts for £5+

As a book lover myself I am quite partial to a bookish print. Anything with a quote about reading on it I absolutely adore. I am also a stickler for anything on Not On the Highstreet and the Old English Company create beautiful products that are sure to please anyone. I particularly love the quote on this print as I think it is true of most bookworms! 

Tote bags are always a good gift whether it be for a book lover or anyone else. However they do come in particularly useful for someone who likes to carry around lots of books. This could be a great gift for an English Literature student as I know from experience that a good, sturdy tote bag is invaluable! The Literary Gift Company have an array of tote bags to choose from but this quote is one of my all time faves so I thought I'd share it!

If you are looking for something a little bit different but don't want to spend over the odds then this little bottle could be your answer. Whilst £15 may seem a little steep for a 30ml bottle you can almost guarantee no-one else will have thought of it! The Library of Fragrance offer a plethora of fragrances (even play-doh!) and what could be better for any book lover than the chance to revel in the smell of books whenever they want?!

What one thing do book lovers love to do as well as read books? Talk about them of course. This journal allows bibliophiles to record their favourite books in a series of lists. With topics such as 'favourite author', 'favourite genre' and 'favourite reading spot' it is sure to keep them occupied and they are bound to love it! 

Something special - gifts for £20+

This gorgeous print is a map loosely based on an old map of London. The streets, places and everything in between are made up from over 600 titles from the history of literature, Fifty Shades of Grey is even on there! It features instantly recognisable titles such as Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights, The Lord of the Rings and Where the Wild Things Are. It makes a lovely centre piece for any wall and provides entertainment as you try and spot all the different titles! 

Another beautiful find on Not On the Highstreet. The Letter Room's products are all about typography and they have some lovely things to offer. One of my personal faves is this print. It encompasses the whole of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on one page! With the signature glasses and owl carrying a Hogwarts letter it is the perfect present for any Potterhead in your life. They also have several other 'book on one page' prints including Casino Royal. Peter Pan and Wuthering Heights. 

What could be better than a gift that keeps on giving after Christmas? Bookishly, another store on Not On the Highstreet offer this lovely subscription service which can be purchased for three, four, five or six months depending on your budget. The starting price is £39 for three months with six months costing £78. Each month whilst the subscription lasts the recipient will get a surprise vintage book, luxury teabags and stationery from the Bookishly store. The books will be from a variety of genres and the tea is handpicked by the people at Bookishly. 

Splashing the cash - gifts for £50+

If you are looking for a subscription service with a little more gravitas then look no further than A Year in Books offered by Heywood Hill a bookshop steeped in history. This sumptuous subscription lasts for 12 months and includes an optional reading consultation so that each book can be carefully chosen to fit the recipients taste. Heywood Hill is one of the most revered bookshops in London, so to receive a tailored gift from them each month for a year would be a dream! 

This is a gift like no other I have come across. Mr B's Emporium is a bookshop based in the lovely city of Bath. Buying the book lover in your life the Reading Spa entails them visiting the shop and enjoying a few hours of wonderful bibliotherapy. From an hour long chat about books, to tailored suggestions, tea and cake, a bag of reading treats and then finally money to spend of books in the shop what more could a book worm want?!

Tickets to Hay Festival - £5 - £19 for event tickets

Maybe you are looking to treat the book lover in your life to a weekend away? What could be better than taking them to a book festival? The Hay Festival is an internationally renowned festival that sees the creme de la creme of the bookish world gather in one place for a few days to celebrate all things reading. There are events for every taste and niche with tickets generally costing between £5 and £19. Of course the accommodation and travel are what makes this an extra special treat but what a treat it would be! 

There we have it! So now go forth and spoil the bookworm in your life!