The Wednesday Wishlist #2

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If, like me, you spent a HUGE chunk of your formative years playing the Sims then you also might have thought yourself an AMAZING interior designer. You would spend ages building houses, downloaded a ton of custom content and decorating them to your hearts content.

I spent soooooo many hours creating and decorating dream houses, they were all colour coordinated and perfectly suited to the families I decided to move in.

Unfortunately adult life now gets in the way of my Sims marathons and I haven't been able to unleash my inner interior designer for a while.

This blog post is not about the Sims. I promise.

What is exciting though is that there is possibility I will get to decorate MY VERY OWN HOUSE next year. Yep. If all goes well me and my boyfriend will be purchasing our first house together at some point next year,

My inner interior designer is ridiculously excited about this.

As you can imagine I have been pintresting my little heart out, creating boards for all my interior dreams.

So for this weeks wishlist I thought I would focus on the items I would love to have in my living room (as that is my favourite room to design in my head). Here's praying they are still available next year!